Xgram | Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates of 2024

Service for buying and selling tokens of the TON ecosystem

You send
1 BTC ~ ... STON
You get
All fees included
Недействительный адрес

Bridge between CEX and DEX
in the TON ecosystem

Manage your assets yourself, exchange tokens instantly and anonymously with Xgram.

Instant secure exchanges
and anonymity

Access liquidity from centralized exchanges from your favorite Mini App in the TON ecosystem and many others, while preserving DeFi values
Quick exchanges
in 10 minutes
Xgram has proven itself to be one of the fastest providers, so your exchanges will be instant.
Large selection of
Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are available for exchange: stablecoins, altcoins, memecoins and tokens, regardless of network.
Online support
Users can contact support specialists at any time and for any questions.

Simple steps for quick sharing

Only 4 steps to quickly and securely exchange any cryptocurrency
  1. Select coins
    Select the cryptocurrency you want to exchange and click the “Create exchange” button
  2. Enter address
    The currency you want to receive will be sent to this address after the exchange
  3. Make a deposit
    To start the exchange procedure, send the specified number of coins to the deposit address.
  4. Successfully!
    Exchange status “Completed” means that the exchange process is completed.

Exchange on any

Buy and sell your coins through both the web version and the Telegram mini-app.
Exchange in MiniApp

Answers to frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about Xgram, don`t hesitate to contact our support team.
The exchange takes about 15-30 minutes. There are times when heavy network load may require more time.
No registration is required to change your funds on our website. At the same time, more options are available to users with a registered account on the service. For example, you can receive additional bonuses in the form of cashback and a referral program.
Contact our support team. The footer on the site contains all the contact information for the platform. You can also write to the online chat. Our support will definitely help you.
Of course. In both cases, the system will recalculate your application taking into account the funds received.
There are minimum amount restrictions that depend on the selected currency.